We are in Tenerife


Well here is as promised my first post about my vacation. Sunday we arrived in Tenerife. The transfer via the travel agency Arke has brought us to the hotel Sol Tenerife. It’s established in a busy but nice neighborhood close to the beach and discotheques / clubs. After exploring the hotel we went out for diner. Around the corner there is an Italian restaurant La Karina where we ate.

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My boyfriend ordered pizza Hawaï and I Neptune’s (tuna, mussels) salad. It was delicious. After diner we went to one of the clubs Envivy. We smoked some hookah and drunked cocktails for 20 euro. That’s a nice deal, right? Monday, our first day in Tenerife. In the morning it rained so hard OMG. I didn’t expect that at all. Anyway, the breakfast was also a disappointing, but edible.

Early this afternoon it stopped raining, YES. The sun came occasionally. Time to fry in the sun. After sunbathing it was time to lunch. We lunched by a restaurant The Savoy. We have ordered 2 sandwiches, it was jummie!
In the evening we dinered by a steakhouse around the corner. It has an American style with a red carpet and not to forget, music of Elvis. The food was soooooo delicious. I ordered prawn and brownie with Vanille ice as dessert. Definitely worth to go along.


Essere Moda



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