Vulcano El Teide and the last days of our vacation


Friday we went to the vulcano El Teide by bus. It is the biggest vulcano at Tenerife. With his 3718 meters above sea level and 7,000 meters above the seabed it is the biggest mountain in Spain. In height, the Teide vulcano is the third in the world after the Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa in Hawaii. That’s awesome! This vulcano is considered dormant ZZZzzz…The trip started at 8.40. We drove like five hours and stopped five times; pee stop, on the photo with a shephard, picture moments of amazing views and for lunch. We had a belgian guide and she was sooo funny. She knew a lot of the island. It was a lovely trip but very excausted.

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In the evening we ate at Moli’s. It’s a restaurant at the boulevard with a nice view over the sea. But the food was mediocre (I’m critical, I know). I’ve ordered curry chicken, but there wasn’t much flavor at all, too bad.

Now I must dig deep, because I really don’t know what we did the last few days. It’s all gone so fast zoefff. There were several shops, yes yes we shopped one day. We love Rebajas (sale), so we were pretty succesful 🙂 We also went to the market at Costa Adeje. Really big but they sold pretty much of the same. It’s open at Thursday and Saturday from 9 am to 14 pm. The last night we drank some cocktails at some cocktail bars. After that it was time we went home because it got very cloudy Sunday.

It was a great vacation. We have seen a lot and we are now fully recharged for the next few months. Oh yeah, we did an urban photoshoot. It was so much fun. The next time I will post more about that, so stay tuned.


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