Vegan nail polish ‘good, kind & pure’ from Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen launches a revolutionary new line of “clean” nail polish products for everyone.

The very good. kind. pure. collection of “clean” nail products is formulated with 100% vegan ingredients. The new vegan brush works optimally with the formula. With 16 nature-inspired colors and 2 care products, beautiful shades and glow with color and care.

The nail polishes from Sally Hansen are vegan with color and care, with which you create beautiful colors. The line from Sally Hansen’s good. kind. pure. has 16 brand new colors in rich and earthy tones with an emphasis on beautiful neutral tones and natural color accents. The vegetable line offers colors inspired by nature’s treasures.

The line has a wide range of colors, there is plenty of choice for everyone and for every skin tone. From Rose Petal, a neutral color for every season; to Pink Sapphire one of the cheerful, fruity pink colors; or a light transparent such as White Tea; the Pomegranate Punch a classic red for every day; and even rich metallic shades like Meteorite are not lacking.

Sally Hansen also has two vegetable and 100% vegan nail care products:

  • Hardener to reduce ridges and seal fragile nails to protect against breaking, tearing and splitting.
  • Top Coat protects the nail polish color for a longer lasting color and glow.

Coat your nails in two layers with your favorite Sally Hansen’s line good. kind. pure. nail polish color. For a long-lasting result, apply another layer of the good. kind. pure. Top Coat.

Sally Hansen’s collection good. kind. pure. is available by Etos.

With love,

Sandra Espina


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