Urban look it is

Hi there, It’s time for a new blog post and this time I will write about my urban look. I don’t know if you are familiair with the brand Ninetyfour. It’s a Dutch best friends clothing label. They only sell black clothes or snapbacks with their brand name in white. As you know I love love love the color black. So I was very excited when I found this label. Anyway, these clothes are so dope and easy to combine if you want to look urban. Last month they opened a pop up store in Amsterdam. It was in the street of the sneakershop Oqium. There was a long row, I’ve waited about 20 minutes, but at the end it all was worth it. I’ve bought a cap which I find really cool because of the name, it’s exclusive and I really love the font.

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I also bought a shirt with their brand vertically in the middle. So when I wear a jacket or vest, you can still see the brand Ninetyfour. How cool is that?!

To finish my urban look, I’ve combined knee high socks with tights and as you can see Nike shoes. The knee high socks is from the Dutch label Rumag. Their range is by the way more extensive and I also love their concept, dope dope and again dope.

the outfit I wore
Cap: Ninetyfour
Shirt: Ninetyfour
Shorty: H&M
Tights: I really don’t know
Knee high socks: Rumag
Shoes: Re Issue

I’ve combined my outfit as you can see with blue sneakers. I hesitated at first because the rest were quite black and white. But it doesn’t have to match all the time right? It’s eventually important that the whole outfit looks good.

So are you familiair with these two Dutch labels?


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