Trouser with suspenders

It’s already a while ago that I posted an outfit, but I haven’t forgotten it. This year, this is one of the looks that I have for you for inspiration, so much more will come. In this article I’ll show you how I matched a trouser with suspenders. Also you’ll see that I have a new hair colour. Meanwhile the shade is darker again, namely dark golden blonde. It never ends! Once you start dyeing your hair, then it’s really an addiction, haha. Maybe recognizable?

Anyway, the whole dress outfit, accept the jewelry is from ZARA. Yup, I am a die-hard fan of their clothing, because nowadays they have so many awesome things and they’re not that expensive anymore. The prices are comparable to H&M and they are expanding more as clothing designers. My gratitude is great ZARA! I find the black and white trouser with suspenders really a nice item, especially the white lines on the side make the outfit a bit sportier. I do not often wear trousers with suspenders, so I thought: Why not something else for once? So I matched this trouser with a white and navy blue popeline blouse. If you look closely, you’ll see small bicycles on the blouse, which is uber cute! Jump on the back of my bike, RING RING! I finish this look with ankle boots with methacrylate heels. What a unique heel, eh?! Lastly, the classy black watch from Daniel Wellington.

Do you sometimes wear trousers with suspenders?


Sandra Espina

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  1. 12/12/2016 / 8:05 PM

    I love Zara too! They have stunning clothes. I like your trousers! I’m actually a fan of trousers with suspenders, but I’d prefer if they were skinny jeans 🙂

    • Essere Moda
      12/18/2016 / 12:41 PM

      That’s so true! Skinny jeans are also nice 🙂 Thank you for passing by. X

    • Essere Moda
      12/18/2016 / 12:41 PM

      Dankjewel babe! X

  2. 12/12/2016 / 11:36 PM

    Very nice! I don’t think I can pull this look off but it looks wonderful on you!
    I really do love Zara as well and so glad that their clothing are more affordable now!

    • Essere Moda
      12/18/2016 / 12:42 PM

      Thank you somuch! Yes, I’m so happy with it 🙂 X

  3. 12/13/2016 / 1:34 PM

    Oh WAUW I am totally in love with this look! I love the cute little details on the blouse.

    With Love, ArielleDannique

    • Essere Moda
      12/18/2016 / 12:43 PM

      They are cute right 🙂 thank you! X

  4. 12/13/2016 / 7:04 PM

    Zara always have interesting choice of clothing for women and men also. This trousers are apsolutely amazing! I love how you combined them! Yod did amazing job!


    • Essere Moda
      12/18/2016 / 12:43 PM

      Thank you somuch. I appreciate it. X

  5. 12/13/2016 / 11:00 PM

    I love Zara clothings, they are so amazing at what they do.
    And this trouser with suspenders is so unique, I love it!

    • Essere Moda
      12/18/2016 / 12:43 PM

      Thank you somuch 🙂 X

  6. 12/14/2016 / 12:37 PM

    Cute outfit! Zara has a lot of nice stuff 🙂 And I really love the backdrops for your photos, especially the street art one. Cool location 🙂

    • Essere Moda
      12/18/2016 / 12:44 PM

      Thank you Kristine. This location was perfect for the outfit 🙂 X

  7. 12/14/2016 / 7:15 PM

    I love ZARA. Great that you have an outfit on ZARA in this article. They always have very nice items. The black and white trouser is really great. Very unique, I haven’t seen it before. the complete look is awesome!

    • Essere Moda
      12/18/2016 / 12:44 PM

      Thank you somuch Carola. I appreciate it. X

  8. 12/16/2016 / 10:07 PM

    I love Zara, even though I feel their stuff is a bit expensive some times, but still affordable. Really lovely outfit, I am really liking this trend with the suspenders.

    • Essere Moda
      12/18/2016 / 12:46 PM

      Some stuff are a bit expensive, but more clothes are cheaper now 🙂 Thank you for passing by. X

  9. 12/18/2016 / 9:51 PM

    I love suspenders. They add some drama to a regular outfit.

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