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Hello traveler! Thanks to Reisburo de Wit I went with Daniella Laurentia to Berlin. We have been able to taste culture in Berlin for three days and that was amazing! It’s definitely an impressive city. The city that was severely affected in the 2nd world war and split into two for years. The history is seen in many places. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the city has certainly developed and made a caught up of decor and architecture. And that can also be seen! Of course I have some nice tips for you who are definitely worth a look.

Impressive monuments

Brandenburger Tor
During our cycling tour we saw some beautiful monuments including the Brandenburg Gate from 1788. This ancient city gate of 200 years history is the symbol of Berlin. It was once built to give access to the city behind the city wall.

The gate has gone through a lot, because it went through the Prussian Empire, the Third Reich and the Cold War. I think the gate resembles the Greek or Romanesque architecture. Furthermore, I find the monument impressive and it was special to walk under this gate. The Brandenburger Tor can be found at the end of the avenue Unter der Linden.
Holocaust Monument
At this monument, I received goosebumps. It’s a commemoration of Jews who died in World War 2. It really touched me and my thoughts go to the victims and their relatives. The Holocaust monument is big and it’s just a labyrinth. It consists of more than 2700 concrete blocks. I’ve read that there is a free exhibition under the block field, but I could not find it. From respect, I only made a picture and filmed outside. This monument is located near the Brandenburg Tor in Mitte. 

Berlin Wall
This is one of the most famous monuments in Berlin, though. You probably know the wall from movies, history books or stories. This concrete wall was laid across the city of Berlin so that a distinction was made between the eastern and western part. This way the East Berliners could not flee to free West Berlin. At Bernauer Strasse we have seen the wall as it used to be. There is plenty of space and a watch tower between the wall. The other wall is the famous East Side Gallery. Unfortunately, we have not been there, but it’s a wall that is fully painted with works of art from all over the world. Definitely worth a look. By that time, when the vlog is released, you’ll see more of it.

Berliner Dom
This is Berlin’s largest cathedral. It’s so big that you cannot miss the impressive dome of the Protestant church. It has had a lot of reconstruction, because it was severely damaged during the 2nd world war. Unfortunately, we couldn’t admire the inside, because of lack of time. The Berliner Dom is located in the center of Berlin. If you want to take a look, the entrance fee is 7 EUR.

Streetart Haus Schwarzenberg
A street full of art and culture in Mitte. It’s so colourful and there is a lovely atmosphere. This way you can enjoy the beautiful works of art by various artists. There are also workshops, exhibitions, shops and bars. You can’t find an empty wall here 😉

Nice activities in Berlin

  • We have been cycling in Berlin on the 2nd day. The cycling streets are quite narrow there and you have to pay attention to where you cycle. We have been cycling on the wrong road a few times. We rented bikes for the whole day for 8 EUR at a bicycle rental. I don’t know the name of the shop anymore, but it was 10 minutes walking from the hotel Riu Plaza Berlin.human hair half wigs
  • Take a walk through the history of Germany. The German Historical Museum certainly shows that in all aspects. From Germanic peoples, the Prussian monarchy, the 2nd world war to the division of the country and the reunification that followed. 
  • A boat trip through Berlin. The boat trip we had was across the Spree in the city center. In an hour you go by boat along the highlights of the city center. So you will see the Reichstag, the Regierungsviertel, the Hauptbahnhof and the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Fernsehturm and so on. During the boat trip, you’ll get a clear view of what you see. Entrance fee is 14 EUR. 


Besides visiting beautiful monuments, we’ve also been to nice hotspots.

The Hause of Small Wonder
Hause of Small Wonder is a boho vintage cafe with American brunch with a twist of Japanese cuisine in Berlin-Mitte. On the ground floor you will find a lot of greenery by plants. Once at the stairs you can go upstairs and hit a cozy space with a super-cozy interior that draws attention. It’s decorated with vintage elements, tall and small plants and it feels like you are in a well-known living room. You can order anything from hamburgers, tacos, noodles, French toast etcetera. We ordered sandwiches that were quite small. They were mini croissants with brie, apple, mozzarella and tomatoes. With the ice tea you received syrup. This way you could decide how sweet you could make your tea. I found this a little less but tastes differ. You can only pay cash here. 

Father Carpenter Caffee Brewers
Father Carpenter Caffee Brewers is also located in Berlin-mitte and is located in a beautiful and stylish courtyard surrounded by trendy (fashion) shops. An ideal place to enjoy outside of your lunch or cup of coffee. The sandwiches we ordered were so delicious! We both had an avocado on sourdough with hummus, toasted seeds, harissa and preserved lemon. The water is already in my mouth when I look at the picture. The only downside was that the staff were unfriendly. We were not really received warmly.

Amrit is an Indian restaurant which is located in Kreuzberg. Her you can have delicious Indian food. Also, the interior is very chic and it’s not expensive at all. In the beginning you get a plate of chips. These chips are good and pretty spicy 😉 Outside, we ate the delicious Chicken Tikka Masala, YUM! The cocktails of Amrit are not expensive at all. For example, we paid 4,50 EUR for a Pina Colada. 

Monkey Bar
Monkey Bar is a very nice place to have a drink in the evening. Upon entry we had to stand in line. When people left, we could walk and took the elevator to the 10th floor of the 25hours Hotel. The music was nice. There was a good atmosphere and there is a roof terrace with a view of the city. However, I found the cocktails too pricey.


If you are looking for a good hotel, I would definitely recommend Riu Plaza Berlin. It’s 5 minutes from the city center. The staff is friendly, breakfast is delicious and the room looked perfect!

During the trip we often used public transport. It’s cheap and well arranged. Berlin has a good and extensive network of subways, trams and buses. We used for this purpose the Fahrinfo app that I definitely recommend and the app if you’re lost.

Safe travels!

Wit love,

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      08/24/2017 / 6:33 PM

      Your welcome Melody. I really recommend this place. There are a lot of things to see and to do 🙂

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