These masks and gel eye patches are amazing

Are you also in fond of the sun, sea and beach holidays? Anyway, a vacation where you’re doing nothing and just enjoy the culture, the weather, the food and so on. Me and my boyfriend went to Curaçao last Saturday for 9 days. Of course, I will tell you more about this in a particular article.

But during a sun, sea and beach vacation, it’s important that you keep on taking care of your face. That’s why I brought my face masks, eye gel patches from MaskerAide with me. The face masks are ideal! They are super hydrating, instant brightening, no harsh additives, mess free, travel friendly and it’s a perfect primer for make-up. They consist of facial sheet masks and are easy to use and highly effective to hydrate and nourish the skin.

Hydrating facial sheet mask and gel eye patches
The masks are drenched in a highly concentrated argan oil based serum that is packed with vitamins, nutrients and specially formulated ingredients. The face masks are packed in a clutch bag which is by the way super cute. In the clutch are 9 masks and each sheet mask is designed to target the specific skincare concerns of fabulous women!

  1. Weather warrior; calm, soothe & heal
  2. Beauty Rest’ore; restore, regenerate & repair
  3. All nighter; awaken, replenish & refresh
  4. I don’t wanna grow up; lift, firm & soften fine lines
  5. Detox Diva; cleanse, exfoliate & detoxify
  6. Pre party prep; brighten, prime & energize

In the past days I’ve been sunbathing a lot, whereby my face screams SOS, because of the radiance. That’s why I chose for the ‘Weather warrior’ face mask that contains green tea, witch hazel, argan oil that lightens my skin, so my skin can breathe calmly.

Facial sheet mask
The whole mask is covered with serum when I took it out of the packaging. I immediately put it on my face. Because of the serum, my face felt a bit heavier. It was time to lay down and set the time for 15 minutes. Tick tock, tick tock… When the alarm clock went off, I took off the face mask. I rinsed the serum from my face with some water and softly patted my skin dry. My face felt so smooth and as a result my skin received some rest, because before I used the mask, my skin was slightly burnt.

After a facial sheet mask, I used the eye gel patches, because of my eye bags. The under-eye gels are packed with super hydrating, brightening and firming ingredients including their unique 100 herb complex and hyaluronic acid that will give you a long-lasting moisture boost. Their innovative hydrogel eye patches contours to your face to effectively deliver their fab ingredients to your eye area, while instantly awakening, soothing and de-puffing… So it’s the perfect all-in-one eye treatment!

Gel eye patches
The eye gel patches are also covered with serum. I put them on my eyes for 15 minutes. Once again the skin under my eyes felt very soft after that. Also my eye bags are less visible and my skin looks shiny again. This product is a recommendation as well!

My face can keep on going again in Curaçao. I’m feeling it!

There is a special surprise just for you. You can get 15% off for these lovely masks and eye gel patches. Just use de code MODA15 until December 2016. I hope you like it.

See you next time and let me know about your experience about these products!


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