Black sweater with red dots

It’s a fact that it’s getting colder and colder here. I prefer to stay home for the whole day on a couch with delicious mint tea and watch the new episodes of Gilmore Girls. What is cool is that the holidays are coming. YEEHA! I can’t wait to bring out…

Wait for me, Paris!

Paris is the city of love, fashion and lights. I was in Paris again this summer, but this time with a different goal, namely for a street style photoshoot. However it went a bit different than I had planned. Let me tell you what happened from the beginning. When I arrived in Paris, I walked around with my cabin trolley. I had enough energy and was totally ready to shoot


How I wear a button-front …

How are you enjoying summer so far? I must say that the time went very fast, but I see that as something positive. You know what they say: ‘’Time flies when you’re having fun’. However, summer is here and before you know it autumn is here. Before we go into the autumn I really enjoy this summer outfit.

All dressed up

Unfortunately, we didn’t have a nice summer up until now and we only had to deal with rain. I even had the feeling that I was disoriented concerning the seasons, since it seemed like if we have skipped the summer and just moved from spring to autumn. During the days where we get nice weather, I enjoy it of course to the fullest and I just want to be outside.

Barcelona day 1

After counting down we finally caught the flight to Barcelona yesterday. We went with the airline Transavia. Unfortunately, they had accumulated a delay of 30 minutes. Can happen, right? The flight took about 2 hours from Eindhoven airport. When we arrived the adventure began. Us and three other people waited like 45 minutes for our luggage at the baggage claim. It was so bad organized.

Camouflage pattern

Spring is finally getting closer WOEHOE. I can’t wait to welcome the sun, tulips and flowering trees with open arms. But what can you expect the upcoming season? One thing is for sure; get your camouflage garments out of your wardrobe, because green and army pattern are hot this Spring. I must admit that I’m really obsessed with army pattern, because you can look sporty, classic, casual and so on. It really depends on how you combine it. Well I have chosen for a sporty look with sneakers and a snapback that completes the look.

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer

Do you already know which Christmas sweater you will wear this year? There are so many sweaters, that it’s kinda hard to choose, like from snowman till luminous Christmas trees. But the sillier the better 😉 Cuz the funniest can also be adorable at the same time.  I settled with…

I was just walking down …

I was really in a swaggy mood as you can see on the picture. I have a variety of clothing styles, but it depends how I feel and where I am. I can look classy, chique, casual, sporty or maybe a mix off diverse styles to think outside the box. Do you…