Discover how silky soft hair feels with the new Wella Deluxe styling line

I use different kind of products when I create a hair look. From hairspray, hair oil and mousse to volume powder. Sometimes it damages my hair. My hair feels dry and stiff. It also loses its shine and makes my colored hair looks dull. I recently use the new Wella Deluxe line with luxurious styling products that ensure that my hair fits perfectly. It also protects my hair thanks to the special technology, the “Kerashield 5”, which prevents the five signs of hair damage.

Luxurious hair feeling thanks to the protective “Kerashield 5” technology
Wella has more than 140 years of salon experience. The wella experts have developed the Wella Deluxe line that meets the needs of damaged, fine and long hair. The Kerashield 5 protects the hair against:
• Fluffy hair (7x less fluff)
• Stiff hair (70% softer)
• Dull hair (15% more shine)
• Dry hair (prevents dehydration)
• UV rays (Wella’s best protection)

Luxurious ingredients such as jojoba oil and panthenol remain in the hair all day. These precious ingredients offer reliable protection against fluffy hair and environmental factors such as humidity and UV radiation, while keeping the hair completely in shape for up to 24 hours. The scent of the hairspray and mousse smells wonderfully fresh! My hair feels soft and it doesn’t fluff.

The new Wella Deluxe line, with a total of three styling collections and three special products, offers the right formula for stunning styling results and luxurious-looking hair.

The Wella Deluxe line consists of:
Wonder Volume Hairspray Strong Hold 3
Wonder Volume Hairspray Extra Strong Hold 4
Wonder Volume Mousse Extra Strong Hold 4

Pure Fullness Hairspray Ultra Strong Hold 5
Pure Fullness Mousse Ultra Strong Hold 5

Wonder Volume & Protection Ultra Strong Hold Hairspray 5
Wonder Volume & Protection Mousse Ultra Strong Hold 5

Luxurious Shine Hairspray Ultra Strong Hold 5

Soft Styling Hairspray Strong Hold 3

Dream Waves & Curls Mousse Strong Hold 3

The Wella Deluxe line will be available from mid-September 2019 at Kruidvat and Trekpleister.

With love,

Sandra Espina


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  1. 10/16/2019 / 7:09 PM

    Wella has always been a trusted brand for me and it never failed to care for my hair. I used to blow dry very often back when I had the time but now I’m back to natural hair. Thanks for sharing these products with us!

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