Purple with a colorful touch


It was a beautiful day, 27 degrees and I enjoyed it a lot. It’s almost the end of August. My school starts in two weeks. OMG, I realise now that the summer is almost over. It’s gone so fast. It felt like it started yesterday. However according to the weather It will get colder and rainy next week. So this was my change to put on some nice summer clothes, who knows for the last time afther this weekend?

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The pictures are made in the park called IJzeren Vrouw behind our apartment. Seriously, my wardrobe is so full with clothes, I really don’t know which garments I’ve have. I bought a lot lately because of all those summersales. Do you recognize this too?  So yes I think it’s time too clean up my wardrobe or selling my clothes. I need to make space in my wardrobe so I can buy clothes in the Autumn and Winter.

the outfit I wore:
Skirt: New Look
Top: Primark
Glasses: Michael Kors
Ankle Bracelet Peace: Primark
Brown bracelet Cuba: gift from my sister in law
Shoes: Invito

One of my favorate color is as you can see purple. The skirt and the top are stand out, so I opted for shoes with a light color. It matched also with my bracelet Cuba. I found the skirt original because of his pattern.


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