Playa del Duque and Jungle Park


Wednesday we went to Playa del Duque. It’s on the other side of the beach. It’s a pretty quitte place, very exclusive with a beach, an expensive mall and nice restaurants on the Boulevard. We ate something at Premium at the mall and I ordered some Greek salad with a mango smoothie (curious? Check my Instagram @esseremoda). It’s a nice place with very good lounge music. Then our trip back began. We walked 1,5 hours, so yes this week we did our exercise haha. We passed a beautiful beach club called Papagoya. We smoked hookah ofcourse and drunk mojito and cosmopolitan.

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It was a lovely night. Time flies when your having fun. It’s already Wednesday, damn. We went to the zoo called Jungle Park. The decoration was so green and colorful. It felt like we really were at the boeshboesh. We’ve seen a lot of animals. Also three shows; birds of prey, sea lions and exotic birds. They were good especially the sea lions show. However, there is one thing we noticed; the lion and tiger in the park looked very bad. We really felt sorry for them 🙁

Time for some siesta (my boyfriend loves it). After that we dined at the Royal Garden. It’s a nice place at the Boulevard with live music and entertainment (acrobats). We’ve ordered paella with seafood. It was soooooo delicious. And as dessert we’ve ordered a big strawberry ice cream. It was definitely worth it.


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