Philosophy introduces Purity, Release Me and Renewed hope in a jar line

The beauty brand Philosophy launches four new skincare products: purity, release me & renewed hope in a jar line. Of these four, I’m introduced to 2 products. I also use Philosophy’s products for the first time and they convinced me. I’m already addicted to the Release Me! What a super nice product. I’ve read some about Philosophy, but never inclined to buy a product. What I do know is that Philosophy is known for several formulas and odors that improves the beauty and health of the skin. The product they design is to feed the mind and that you feel the best everywhere.

Of the four new skincare products, I have the Release Me and Purity cleaning cloths.

Release me
I’m so positive about this products of Philosophy. Usually I use Garnier Micellair cleansing water, the one with the green cap. A 3-in-1 cleanser that removes your entire face makeup. The Release Me is only an oil-free eye-make-up cleanser that is mild and removes the heaviest make-up, including waterproof makeup. It cleans the skin around the eyes, eyelids, eyelashes and eyebrows and you know what? It doesn’t leave an oily layer, so nice! I think the Release Me cleans my eye makeup very well and quickly, it doesn’t sting and you don’t need much at all. I use contact lenses and it’s also suitable for contact lenses. It has even been dermatologically tested by ophthalmologists. The oil-free formula contains cucumber extract and refreshes the skin. There’s also a mixture of vegetable extracts that soothes and softens the skin: Echinacea, aloe vera, and chamomile extract.

How to use?

  • Shake the 2-phase eye-makeup removing cleanser well to activate the use.
  • soak two cotton pads with the eye makeup cleanser.
  • Put the cotton roundels on the closed eyelids.
  • Leave it for a minute and then remove the makeup lightly from the eyelids and eyelashes and the eyebrows.
  • When needed, repeat this step until all makeup is removed from eyelids, eyelashes and eyebrows.

The sale price is € 20,65, – and is available in the Netherlands from September 2017 at Ici Paris enter and Philosophy enter $ 13,30, – (sale).

Purity made simple
The Purity Made Simple are cleansing towellettes. They are mild, cleanse the skin and it tonifies. The dirt particles of the face and eye makeup are removed in one step. In a package are 30 wipes, which makes the skin feels perfectly clean, soft and refreshed in a flash. Also, the cleansing wipes feel very soft. The wipes are sulphate and alcohol free. They are soaked with moisture and feel fresh on the skin. Easy to carry in your sports bag, dashboard or hand luggage 😉

The sale price is € 15,25- and is available in the Netherlands from September 2017 at Ici Paris enter and Philosophy enter $ 10, -. 

See the Renewed Hope in a Jar Line here.

What do you think of Philosophy’s products?

With love,

Sandra Espina


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  1. 09/20/2017 / 7:39 AM

    Oh wow I didn’t know they launched some skincare products! Release me looks quite nice, especially as it is mild. I have a sensitive skin so should definitely look into that one soon!

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