Palm trees, beaches and the sun in Curaçao

This year I went with my boyfriend to Curaçao for the first time. There we went with the Dreamliner of the leisure travel group Tui of Schiphol Airport to Curaçao International Airport. After a 9 hours and 45 minute flight the team of Tui was ready to welcome us so we could get on the bus that brought us to our hotel.
The island is not that huge, so we arrived very quickly. During the bus trip, we could already take a look in the environment, including the known ‘Handelskade’ a historic water front in Willemstad, the colourful houses and the azur blue water with beautiful palm trees that are blowing elegantly in the wind.

The bus driver dropped us at Hotel Sunscape, an all-inclusive hotel where we stayed for 8 days. It was including free breakfast, lunch, dinner, a minibar and even cocktails.

Our hotel room was located on the side of the beach, just 1 minute away from the private beach. Isn’t that great? The hotel room looked tidy, happy and colourful. In the first days we’ve laid on the beach for a while and the sun felt hot, but after a while we wanted to be more active, so we went to Mambo Beach Boulevard and Willemstad.

Mambo Beach
Mambo Beach Boulevard was 5 minutes walk from our hotel. We drunk a delicious smoothie Strawberry and a non alcoholic Mojito at Madero Ocean Club. Mambo Beach Boulevard is one of the most popular destinations on Curacao. It has a 170 meter wide beach with great lace wigs shopping, dining and entertainment. You can relax on one of the chairs, cool down in the blue, Carribbean Sea and listen to the sound of the wind blowing thought the palm trees. But if you are looking for some action, you can also play beach tennis, play volleyball, use the paddle boards and jump around on the Aquapark. This makes it a central meeting spot and ‘anytime’ destination. A truly unique place on Curacao and a must-see experience.

There we went then; with the shuttle bus from Sunscape hotel that drove twice a day to Willemstad and back to the hotel. Willemstad is known for its ‘handelskade’ where you can find dazzling colourful façades that were built in Dutch architecture during the colonial times. When you see this, you’ll immediately get the Caribbean atmosphere. You could notice that tourists were in front of the bridge and locals were passed the bridge. De Emma Bridge was unfortunately closed, so we took the ferry for free. I personally didn’t find it too interesting. There was a long street on the right with only a few shops and on the left side we ended up in a district where people stared weirdly at us. At some point we went back via Emma Bridge and we went to a pavement cafe on the opposite side and we have only looked in the shopping street where the big market is behind the little restaurants. But if I recommend you to go to Willemstad? Hell yeah!

In my next article I will tell you about our visit to an uninhabited island called ‘Klein Curaçao’, a car journey through Curacao and Sea Aquarium Park.


Sandra Espina

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  1. 09/11/2016 / 6:18 PM

    Lovely pictures! I’m originally from Curacao, so it’s nice reading about it. I’m looking forward to reading your next Curacao posts!


    • Essere Moda
      09/13/2016 / 8:21 PM

      Hi Tiffany,

      Thank you somuch.
      That’s so awesome! OMG I fell in love with Curacao. It’s so beautiful there and the water is so bright. Tomorrow I will post my next story about Curacao. I hope you’ll like it.


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