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  • One Spring must-have you’ll …

    Isn’t lovely when you hear the birds chirping early in the morning? The next season Spring is getting closer, hallelujah.

    The weather is very changeable the last couple of days, like from sun to rain or sometimes wet snow. Sadly for us It’s still to cold to put on a Spring jacket, even when the sun is shining.

    When Spring arrives you’ll going to see a lot of flowers. Not only in your own backyard or vases but it will be printed on garments, shoes or accessories. How lovely is that?!

    The power of wearing black

    Are you also a type that loves to wear black? If it is so, then we can shake hands. Wearing black is so very fascinating to me, because it has many meanings about your feeling, appearance and personality. First I only wear black and no other colors because It gave me a comfortable feeling and that I felt safe. Just like while I’m shopping that I directly go for black when I see something nice, because you can combine it so easy with other garments.
    But there are more reasons why I rely on wearing black. I have collect my five important reasons:

    Camouflage pattern

    Spring is finally getting closer WOEHOE. I can’t wait to welcome the sun, tulips and flowering trees with open arms. But what can you expect the upcoming season? One thing is for sure; get your camouflage garments out of your wardrobe, because green and army pattern are hot this Spring. I must admit that I’m really obsessed with army pattern, because you can look sporty, classic, casual and so on. It really depends on how you combine it. Well I have chosen for a sporty look with sneakers and a snapback that completes the look.

    My trip in Indonesia

    So do you already know where you are going on holiday this year? It’s the beginning of the year and there are a lot of early bird discounts WOEHOE. I really would like to go to Miami, North Carolina or Curacao, but it depends on my boyfriend. Maybe I can give you an idea when I tell you about my travel story to Indonesia. Me and my boyfriend booked a 16-day group travel Java-Bali through the travel agency FOX.

    Au revoir Paris part 2

    Have you ever celebrated New Year’s Eve in Paris? Well in my previous post I wrote about my first day with my boyfriend in Paris. Have you missed it and are you curious about what we did on our first day? Then go to the article From Paris with love part 1 and you will be amused.

    But if you have already read it then the story continues…We went back to our hotel when we were done shopping. We rested for like an hour and got ready for dinner and New Year’s Eve. After that we went back to the Champs-Élysées to dine at Unisex.

    From Paris with love part 1

    Have you ever been to Paris? It’s the city of love, fashion and light. Me and my boyfriend celebrated New Year’s Eve in the beautiful city of Paris this year and it was definetely worth it! The story is split in two parts, because we have seen / done so much during our trip. But let me start at the beginning…

    We went by car on Wednesday the 30th of December. We drove for 4 hours and 20 minutes, luckily we both have our driving license. During our trip we stopped two times, because non-stop riding can be very exhausting PFFFFF. But in the end of the afternoon we finally arrived at the hotel Residence Europe YIHAAAA. In the beginning I didn’t like the neighbourhood, cuz it looked like a ghetto. After exploring the neighborhood carefully, it wasn’t that bad at all. But still I would never walk there alone.

    My New Year’s Eve …

    Is it almost New Year’s Eve?! Damn, the last holiday of this year went so fast. Snap snap, just snapping my fingers like that. Let’s come to a standstill about your most pleasant moments of 2015. Just close your eyes and take a deep breath and fly through your past and hold these special moments.

    Do you have everything at a glance? Good. Hold those thoughts with a smile and cherish that especially in your heart. I hope that the less pleasant moments were limited. If not, I hope that you have learned a lot and won’t give up and start 2016 with a clear mind. Stay true to yourself and know what you want to achieve, because you will get closer to your goals little by little.