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In my previous post ‘Behind the scenes of the fashion designer Rachelle Davida’, you could take a look behind the scenes of the fashion designer Rachelle Davida. If you haven’t read it yet and you’re curious about her studio, click on this link:

In this article, I’ll show you two different outfits that she has designed with a piece of batik and zippers. The blue dress with the transparent vest is ideal for a party or for in the summer. On both the dress and the vest is a piece of batik stitched. I think Rachelle has done this beautifully! This addition makes the dress unique, whereby it doesn’t make it look too blue. I personally think that heels look more beautiful below the dress than flat shoes, but too bad, I brought no heels with me. Though, these shoes do have something.

The 2nd outfit is more a tough look. This is by the way so totally me! Rachelle has proudly made the dress, top and bag. On this outfit, you see the features from Rachelle’s work, namely, on the zipper! Have you seen the collar? Really badass, eh?! The skirt with the side zipper feels very warm! Really ideal for this season if you want to wear a classy skirt anyway. The shoes of this outfit is outstanding, but makes the looks just a bit cooler. These are by the way available in a store in Germany.

Are you totally in love with Rachelle’s design and you want a unique custom-made garment? Then you can win this nice giveaway, WOOHOO! But what to do?

Go to your Instagram and follow these steps:
1. Follow Rachelledavida
2. Comment done on this photo
3. Tag a friend in the comments for a bonus entry
The winner will be announced on the 26th of November, fingers crossed!


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