My one-day trip to London

In my previous article I wrote about the exotic restaurant Shaka Zulu based in London. Have you missed it and are you looking for a nice restaurant in London? Then read the article ‘My first time eating crocodile meat‘, because it’s definitely worth a visit.

Bus trip
For this trip, I went to London quite cheap. I booked a last minute bus trip via the organization Slangenreizen, which took 6 hours. During this trip the bus had to cross from Dover to Calais which took an hour. Once the bus arrived in Calais I was only 6 hours away from London YIHAAAA.

Arrived in London
There it was, the London Eye, it’s now one of the largest wheels in the world. It was so amazing to see and up close it was even better. The exit station was opposite the London Eye and from that moment I had about nine hours of free time. Time to explore the city and of course making pictures.

The Big Ben is nearby the London Eye and as you can see on one of the pictures it can’t be missed. How impressive and gorgeous is the clock tower of the Palace of Westmister! Did you know that this clock is one of the heaviest in the world?

Lunch and African market
After taking pictures my tummy started to rumble, so it was time for lunch.
And it certainly succeeded at Caffe Concerto. This restaurant looks so royal. There were chandeliers and they used the color gold a lot in their interior. There was also a beautiful black piano in the middle of the restaurant. The food was good and the prices weren’t that bad at all.

My belly was filled, so time to hit the road again. I went to Camden Town by subway and visited the African market. The market was quite large and everything was for sale: original and ethical fashion, accessories, jewelry, shoes as well as arts & crafts, household products, natural beauty products, books, music, art and more. The neighborhood by the way is so cool and creative! First it was a ghetto neighborhood but they have modernized it in the course of time.

All together it was a successful trip and definitely worth to experience one time;)


Sandra Espina

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  1. 09/29/2016 / 7:51 PM

    Sounds like an awesome trip. London is so beautiful! I’ve been there a few days in February. Though I mainly went for the even ‘Walker Stalker Co’, I went to see the Big Ben as well. And I also visited the National Gallery. That’s so beautiful! Love your pictures! Looks a like great day in London.

    • Essere Moda
      10/12/2016 / 7:24 PM

      I’ve never been tot the National Gallery. I will put it on my list when I’ll go back to London. Thank you 🙂

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