My New Year’s Eve Dress

Is it almost New Year’s Eve?! Damn, the last holiday of this year went so fast. Snap snap, just snapping my fingers like that. Let’s come to a standstill about your most pleasant moments of 2015. Just close your eyes and take a deep breath and fly through your past and hold these special moments.

Do you have everything at a glance? Good. Hold those thoughts with a smile and cherish that especially in your heart. I hope that the less pleasant moments were limited. If not, I hope that you have learned a lot and won’t give up and start 2016 with a clear mind. Stay true to yourself and know what you want to achieve, because you will get closer to your goals little by little.

But do you already know what you are going to wear on New Year’s Eve? Here are some tips about wearing or picking out a dress. I have chosen for a very glamorous dress with paillettes. It’s from, one of my favorite webshops. Yours too? The dress has two ropes on the back that form a cross. It’s important to create the illusion of a body with perfect proportions.

Here is what it’s all about: the goal is to radiate the idea of a perfect body, not in fact to have the perfect body. It’s all about the balance. If your lower body is a little overweight, just compensate that by adding volume on your upper body. If you are just top-heavy, do the reverse. Clothing with structure can change your whole figure, but it’s also true that everyone has a different idea of the perfect body and if you have that, then show it and do it classy.

Tomorrow I’m going to Paris with my boyfriend. So follow my instagram or blog to see how we celebrate our New Year’s Eve in Paris.

Until next time <3


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photos by Carmen Chan


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