My first time eating crocodile meat

Did you ever hear about a restaurant called Shaka Zulu? Well, it’s the biggest South-African restaurant in London. You can find this restaurant in Camden-town, which is in the Camden district. From Camden Town metro station, it’s about a 5 minute walk to Shaka Zulu.
The restaurant has two floors consisting of a restaurant, bar and club at which you can eat, drink, dance whilst enjoying live music and during the day you can enjoy great family-entertainment.

During my one day trip to London, amongst other things, I’ve been visiting the African market in Camden, followed up with some great dining at Shaka Zulu. Later on I will write another post in which I will tell you more about my experiences in London.

Anyway, when you enter Shaka Zulu, you take the escalator going down, and wow, it already looked so cool! The interior and lights are just like you see it on the picture, so beautiful and perfectly matching, giving you a tropical feeling. Once inside, I was amazed by what I was seeing. It was quite dark inside, but the beautiful interior and sculptures made out of wood made up for all of it. Even the counters of the bars have zebra prints. I enjoyed the cosy atmosphere and really did not have the feeling that I was in London.

Dishes that I’ve eaten; link a la carte 
Seared Tuna Loin: a very strong smelling dish, but I could not figure out what kind of smell it was. If you enjoy spicy food, this dish will definitely appeal to you!
Crocodile Cigars: it was my first time eating crocodiles, and I’m still amazed by this.
However, I have to admit that I quite enjoyed it. It was tender and actually just tasted like chicken spring rolls. Definitely RECOMMENDED for people willing to try this!

Main Course
Vegetable Stew: This curry was delicious. It also consisted of pieces of crocodile, however this time it was quite chewy. But thanks to the carrots, potatoes and other vegetables, the meat was getting softer and easier to chew.
Cajun Crusted Kingklip Fillet: The fish was really well marinated. The sauce was delicious and creamy and the accompanying Chinese cabbage made this dish taste refreshing and easy on the palate. The sauce was spicy, but less spicy than my entrée.

Home-Made Ice Cream: six different flavours, and WOW, this was the most delicious ice-cream that I’ve ever eaten. It was so soft and immediately melted in my mouth. The scones were a great idea!
Cape Town Mess: this ice-cream was delicious and sweet and made me want to taste more. However, it can not top the Home-Made Ice Cream.

So when you’re in London, don’t forget to visit Shaka Zulu. It’s definitely worth your time!

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photos by Carmen Chan



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      10/12/2016 / 7:22 PM

      It was really good! Thanks for passing by. X

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