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Are you looking for some new fresh, unique and simple clothes? Then you have to go too the Mint Fashion Store in Tilburg. The Mint Fashion Store sells clothes for women, men and children (not many relative to the rest) and furniture made by the owners. Above the shop there is a creative studio if you want to design clothes. Honestly, I didn’t knew it until a good friend told me that though. The name says it all it’s so freaking refreshing and unique.

Let me start at the beginning. If you go by bus from the station, then you can get off at City Hall. From this location it’s about a 3 minutes’ walk. I found it thanks to my best friend Google maps. Anyway, you can find The Mint Fashion Store in an alley close to the H&M.  When I walked the store I was really surprised.

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It was so nicely decorated. It felt a bit like home but with an open closet in the living room / dining room. I was warmly received by two spontaneous employees.

There aren’t many clothes, but most of them were quite pretty. I want them all I said in thoughts. Do you know that feeling like a kid in a candy store? Well that’s how I felt at that moment.  After browsing, I finally managed to put a nice outfit together. As you can see I combined a denim jacket, with a blouse (+bow) and a pleated skirt. I love this outfit, it’s perfect for the holidays that are coming. You can also use the pleated skirt with a warm sweater and a white blouse underneath.

I was looking for a pleated skirt for a while, so I bought it right away. The next day I went too work in my new pleated skirt. I haven’t worn it a day and yet there were already six hooks in it. I was really disappointed, so I contacted the store. Unfortunately, they couldn’t take back the skirt because the price tag was no longer attached and the clothes were bought in limited. They only offered to repair the pleated skirt. My advice is to look closely before you buy something. But altogether the clothes are very pretty, unique and affordable.

what I wore:
Denim Jacket: The Mint Fashion Store
Blouse with a cute bow: The Mint Fashion Store
Pleated skirt: The Mint Fashion Store
Panty: Hema
Shoes: Omoda

Do you know the shop and what do you think of the outfit? 


Essere Moda



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