I only see stripes


Every year stripes back and they are hotter then hot. But isn´t it that they will make you fat, I think?!

Yet there are a few of combinations which I take back my words. I have two shirts with horizontal stripes. When I bought this, not knowing how to wear it, I’ve found out that I did’nt looked slim at all, HELLUPPP! I’ve become more creative and have find out how to combined them. This summer, they will not be dragged away. You see them everywhere, especially striped skirts / dresses. No matter how the stripes runs; vertically, horizontally and diagonally. But how do you where them?

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Here are some tips on how I deal with striped clothes:

  • Get out of your comfort zone and wear bright colors (I am still working on it hihi). If it were up to me I only wear black / white clothes. Make sure that the colors does not match the accessories.
  • Do you need a boost? Then wear vertical stripes. You will look much longer and getting a slim figure. Who does not want this?
  • Do you think you have a small chest? Then wear horizontal stripes. TIP, it really works!
  • Wear a nice waist strap that will fits your striped dress. It wil make your waist comes into its own, or a nice jacket that is detailed.
  • By a long dress you can wear a short (denim)jacket. You can wear this at a festival in the summer for example. Wear nice allstars or some other sneakers and you are ready to stripe;)

So what do you prefer to wear; vertically, horizontally or diagonally?


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