I was just walking down the street with my Timberlands on

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I was really in a swaggy mood as you can see on the picture. I have a variety of clothing styles, but it depends how I feel and where I am. I can look classy, chique, casual, sporty or maybe a mix off diverse styles to think outside the box. Do you have this too? I think that the most import thing is that you are feeling comfortable in your clothes so that it makes you feel good.

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I adore Timberlands shoes. I have them now for 2 years (a Christmas gift from my boyfriend) and I’m still happy with it. You can mix them on a diverse and fashionable way to look awesome! They are also heavenly warm and very strong, just super-duper cool and a must have for this winter. Here are a few tips about how I combine my Timberlands:

  1. Style it with workwear: try a cool snapback, a tank and overalls. Add a touch of chic a designer leather backpack.
  2. Swaggy look: try a cool beanie, graphic tree or bomberjacket with a nice ripped-skinny jeans. You can also wear a blouse with cubes on it over your hips.
  3. Rock it up: try a cool shirt with text on it combined with a leather jacket. Wear (ripped) skinny jeans underneath with a tough iron belt.
  4. Looking feminine: try a very long dress with a split and put a nice hat on.
  5. Tight in a suit: try a suite in a delicate lace embroidery or a blouse with a jacket (padding by the shoulders). Wear a high-waisted jeans and put the blouse into the jeans.
  6. Streetstyle: try a hoodie as you can see on the picture with some tight skinny pants.

what I wore:
Hoodie: Fashion Nova
Black pants: Bershka
Shoes: Timberlands

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So go and check for more cute garments.

Until next time 😉


Essere Moda

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Photos by Carmen Chan


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