How to throw the perfect high tea party

A pink high tea party had been on my bucket list for quite a while. This year I finally decided to organize it, YAY. But how do you organize it and what kind of stuff do you need to succeed a lovely tea party? Well, I started a month for my birthday. I have ordered all decorations via Ali Express: pink cups, plates, balloons, paper confetti and so on. It is always a question mark when you receive the products, so it’s better to order more than a month in advance;)

 High tea party decorations from Ali Express
Ali Express has so many beautiful decorations that are all for a nice price. Who doesn’t want that?! Below you will find the products that I’ve ordered with the link:

Enjoy a discount ”EXP20” of $4 with this Aliexpress discount code. No minimum spending needed. Valid from 12 July 2021 – 31 July 2021.
In addition to the decorations, you also need some good snacks. Thanks to my guests really enjoyed the delicacies. If you don’t have time to visit stores, you can order it online. It’s the perfect way, because it’s fast, easy and affordable. They have a large assortment; from cupcake, cake, luxury cream cake to wedding cake. So, there is something for everyone. They also like to brainstorm with you to make the event perfectly. Thanks to the little cakes, donuts and tarts it all looked great! It made my high tea complete.

The other catering is Mycooks who also makes delicious snacks for High Tea parties. You can order it online which they deliver it on time at your place. Their assortment is slightly more extensive, such as snacks, tapas, culinary dinners and so on. The snacks and favorite dishes are prepared with love at restaurant level. The only thing you have to do, is to present it nicely on plates or heat up the food before presenting it. It gives you more time to enjoy.

Last but not least the homemade sandwiches. I’ve made: salmon with herb cheese and rucola, prosciutto with mozzarella and sundried tomato and ham and cheese. I also made fresh salad.

Even though it was a high tea party, nobody drank tea. I know right?! That’s the essence of a high tea party. But because of the heat there was water with mint and lime and lemon.

Mijn feestelijke outfit
I happily found the party dress one day before my birthday. It’s from the brand Tommy Hilfiger which I finished the look with a belt from River Island and shoes from the Zara 🙂



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