From city of light to light city: SNCKBR opens in Eindhoven

Earlier I wrote an article about the super nice hotspot SNCKBR in Amsterdam. Did you miss it and are you curious about what I ate that day? Go to the article The inverted world at SNCKBR in Amsterdam, namely Healthy, tasty and sustainable food very fast, because before you know it, you’ll begin to lick your fingers 😉 For those who aren’t from Amsterdam area, I have good news, because after the success of the 1st two branches is SNCKBR officially opened in Eindhoven on Friday June 30, 2017.

Local entrepreneurs Gert-Jan van der Zee and Thijs Marques picked up the healthy food café in collaboration with SNCKBR-FNDRS Allon Kijl, Sander de Klerk, Melle Schellekens and Marco van Veldhooven from Amsterdam to the south of the Netherlands. The city of light becomes the light city. From BRKFST to DNNR and DRNKS. The cozy city of Eindhoven is a city of innovation, light, technology, design, sustainability and healthy food.

The concept fits exactly with the innovation idea in a region. This is not a temporary trend. This is a new way of going out for food. ‘- Thijs Marques, owner SNCKBR Eindhoven

About SNCKBR Eindhoven
Buy vowel? KN NT B SNCKBR NDHVN. Ultimate healthy pleasures is possible. The name may then be based on the classic snack bar, SNCKBR is far from the frying fat baptized pick-up bar. Sins are being sanctified in a casual dining concept where nutritional value and substances are the guide, but taste determinative. Because good food is only really good food for SNCKBR if the term finger licking good is worth is. Pure and organic ingredients in Eindhoven turn into the ‘dark side’ for comfort food that is terribly tasty, moderate in fat, free from refined sugars and, where possible, gluten-free, low-carbohydrate, vegetarian or vegan and always remains free from bullshit. It’s not even prepared in an environment where bullshit is being processed. For example, the SNCKBR menu of the south of the Netherlands has the ‘Pokebowl XXL’, ‘The Hummus Superbowl’, ‘SNCKBR Kipsalon’ and ‘Zucchini Spaghetti’. It’s the good, the bad and the healthy.

Together with vlogger Lieke Biemans we enjoyed outside our delicious lunch at SNCKBR in Eindhoven. As you can see in the pictures, we were on the healthy tour. Pancakes with oh so healthy shakes yummy! On the left you will see the THE CHOCOHOLIC spread of avocado, banana and raw cocoa coconut shredders – with the Macho Mango shake and on the right PURPLE HAZE – beet | blueberries | coconut blossom caramel – with the Tha Sugadaddy shake. And if that was nice? NOM NOM NOM!

Besides delicious dining, you can also enjoy the delicious cocktails, beer, gin-tonics, bar-bites and much more at the Willemstraat 1D! SNCKBR Eindhoven opens its first establishment outside the capital, but with SNCKBR’s healthy entrepreneurship this will certainly not be the last one.

Have you already been to SNCKBR once?

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