Fresh roses for eternity with the Grace Flowerbox & they don’t need water

Forever fresh roses, who doesn’t want that? With Grace Flowerbox it’s certainly possible. The roses that are available in various colours are freshly picked. With care, the roses are preserved according to an environmentally-friendly method so that you have at least one to three years of pleasure with it.

With the roses of Grace Flowerbox, the water is first carefully extracted. Then they enrich the roses with a pigment solution, so that the colour is retained for many years. The roses bloom for at least one to three years.

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What definitely is an advantage for me, is that you don’t have to give the roses any water or other care products at all. They flourish completely automatically. I don’t have to note this in my agenda. Perfect right?!

Good to know is that you do not have to grasp the roses roughly. This allows them to lose their shape and colour. They also prefer to keep shadier spots at room temperature. After preserving, the roses are biodegradable and are 100% safe for health. Enter for the the whole flowerbox collection.

Are you familiar with Grace Flowerbox?

With love,

Sandra Espina

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