The Italian kitchen is dolce vita on a plate at Gusto in Den Bosch

Did you know that I am crazy about Italian food? Bolognese pasta, pizza with pineapple and ham, salad with parma ham, tomatoes, egg and mustard dressing. The water is already running out of my mouth when I think of it. It is fresh and full of flavor and deliciously simple, the Italian kitchen is DOLCE VITA on a plate. Recently I went for lunch at the Italian restaurant Gusto. YUP, La Dolce vita in Burgundian Brabant; In the city of Den Bosch.

Gusto restaurant
The owner of Gusto restaurant is Albert van den Dungen. He started selling cheese at markets when he was 18 year and had a company in the Bossche Ridderstraat for years. Now he runs Gusto restaurant for a while and this year he was ready for a bigger stage. The renovation started at the end of last year and February 8 was the reopening of Gusto restaurant. One of the eye-catchers is a fresco depicted on canvas. But Albert van den Dungen expects a lot from a specially tiled ‘square’ in the middle of the shop. There guests can walk over and around it. There are also places in the case for those who want to be less at the center. You can also eat outside when the sun is shining.

Customers can buy Italian delicacies at the counter with which they can get to know the lunchroom. This can be a special cheese from the Dolomites or one of the five mozzarella varieties that are on the menu. Every month is a different theme.

But there is more…
Outside the regular opening hours you can visit Gusto restaurant with parties of 25 to 60 people for a private evening. Whether you are going for a company outing, a family party or a cozy birthday. Everything is possible. They take care of the food and the drink and of course enough staff, so that nobody will fall short.

As a Trattoria by name, Gusto also likes to come to your home. Do you have something to celebrate? A wedding, communion, birthday or just a pleasant afternoon with friends in the garden? They deliver their well-stocked, delicious dishes with antipasta, meats, cheeses, salads, vitello tonnato and hot dishes to your home. You only have to enjoy, Gusto takes care of the culinary part.

You do not have to worry about the crockery and cutlery either, they bring it for you and pick up the dirt again. Gusto does the dishes!

Gusto is pure indulgence. A nice chat with a Latte Macchiato? Put your teeth in a fresh panini, topped with the most delicious delicacies? Surprise yourself with a delicious plank antipasti? Or just a dip in Mediterranean cuisine with a fresh insalata or delicious pasta dish? Because it is so tasty …

Enjoying is no art at Gusto! See the whole menu  on their website.


Sandra Espina

Pictures are made by Sunseray Pesulima.


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