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WOOOOH finally vacation. Yesterday was my first day off; feeling like a free birdy. It was 30 degrees with a strong wind, delightsome! I was with a good friend in Arnhem. I love her, she is like family to me. Sometimes people think we are like mother and daughter lol. She can be like crazy but on a good way. We first went to the mall Kronenburg to get some food (tomatoes/cucumber and couscous salads with raisins) for the picknick @ Sonsbeek park. We also bought food for the BBQ (hamburger, chicken satay, baguette with brie, salad) that evening.

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We cycled and chilled a lot @ Sonsbeek park. We ate and made many pictures. I felt like a tourist haha. Then we drank some ice tea in the large villa with a nice view. What else do you want? Afther that, we were very lazy and went home. Hup, up the hills and down. 

When we wore home, we did a preparion for the BBQ. On my instagram you will see a picture of the BBQ, yummy. For dessert we ate cherries and watermelon. Our bellies were filled 🙂


Essere Moda

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