Floral and fruity nuts with the new Escada Fiesta Carioca and feel the summer vibes, ARIBA!

This summer, Escada’s Summer Limited Editions celebrates her 25th birthday and the Escada Fiesta Carioca is launched. It’s a tribute to Escada’s rich fashion background and to one of the most successful summer fragrance lines from the perfume industry.
ESCADA Fiesta Carioca is inspired by the residents of Rio de Janeiro (the Carioca) and their unique lifestyles and colourful festivals. It’s filled with floral and fruity nuts that reminds you of your dear friends whom you enjoy endless summers. Save beautiful memories.

The delicious ingredients
As soon as the scent is on your skin, you’ll be taken to a sunny destination, where you crave for fun, passion and adventure. You feel your senses inspired by the Brazilian passion fruit, complemented with nuts of juicy European red raspberries, a wink to the German roots of the brand. The passion is enhanced by the energetic heart of passion flower and orange blossom, that reminds you of the radiant summer sun that warms your skin. This enchanting fruity flower explosion moves to a seductive basis of musk and cedar wood for that irresistible touch of sensuality that the ESCADA woman is known for.

An unforgettable summer
The vial looks colourful and cheerful. It consists of the tropical colours green and pink. You can also see passion fruits and passion flowers that refers to the passion in the vial. The inviting design also shows the beloved ESCADA Fiesta Carioca girl and her friends who enjoy the summer and each other’s company. “The happy appearance of the ESCADA woman is very inspiring and infectious. She shows positivity and a self-confidence vibe and makes a party of “everywhere”, the creative illustrator Inslee Fariss –> shop here.

Let yourself be carried away in the festive atmosphere, where positivity, happiness and fun is and create with the people you love, an unforgettable summer! #ESCADAFIESTACARIOCA


Sandra Espina


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