5 ways to wear a boyfriend jeans

That I’m in love with boyfriend jeans is a fact. Boyfriend jeans – which are baggy, typically destroyed, low-rise jeans – look so comfy and effortless. They have been trendy for the past few years and they’re still enjoying a big moment. So they will never get boring! There are several ways to style a boyfriend jeans and I’ve collect five styling ways how you can look fashionable with it. Are you ready?

1. Small tears and ripps jeans is been a trend for a while. But this year the bigger the better. So grab you scissors and make the gap
twice as big.
2. Wear top crops with stripes, polka dots, flowers, basic and so on. For casual looks you can wear some nice sneakers. Don’t forget
to roll at the hems 😉
3. Business look: a blazer can already looks very businesslike. Try it with a lovely silken blouse with a cute bow tie and an ultra-
sleek blazer.
4. Tomboy stylish: this look is simple. Just pair your boyfriend jeans with a set of on-trend sneakers and a letterman sweater for
maximum impact.
5. Military trend: I already wrote a post about it [artikel post militery]. This trend is very populair right now. Just Top your
boyfriend jeans with a military green jacket or vest, then feminize the look with a really great pair of high heels.


Sandra Epsina

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photos by Carmen Chan


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