Get your face cleaned in 1 minute with the Luna Mini 2

Pssssttt… are you already familiar with the Luna Mini 2 from Foreo? The Luna Mini 2 from Foreo is an electric facial cleanser that I’m using for the first time, but I can already tell you now that I cannot live without this, because within 1 minute, my face looks fresh, clear and natural. A good start of the year, I thought!
Foreo is a Swedish company that exists since 2013. They are specialized in beauty and prosperity solutions. The nice thing is also that they won worldwide awards for diverse distinguishing in innovative technology and design. This says enough, right?

Meet the Luna Mini 2
The Luna Mini 2 has an improved T-Sonic face brush with eight adjustable intensities that takes care of an adapted facial cleaning. This device is available in five different colours and is qualified for all skin types. So I’ve chosen for the Pearl Pink. The 3-zone brush is made of silicone and thanks to the T-sonic pulsations, it takes care of a deeper and softer cleaning. The T-Sonic pulsations deliver a unique possibility to remove 99,5% traces of dirt, oil, as well as make-up and dead skin cells and it exfoliates without irritating the skin. I can tell you that this is way much more effective than washing your face just with your hands.

Here are all the facts in a row:

    • 8000 T-Sonic (transdermal sonic) heartbeats per minute by 2X strength
    • 8 intensities for adaptable cleaning
    • Every 15 seconds are interrupted to indicate when the new zone should be cleaned
    • 50% bigger brush heads for more efficient cleaning
    • Longer touch-points to build out the range and improves the tenderness
    • Thicker silicones for more comfort and achievements
    • Even softer touch-points are very soft for the skin
    • Ultra-hygienic silicones is not porous to resist bacteria growth
    • 35X more hygienic than the standard cleaning brushes
    • Thin touch-points carefully clean the sensitive and normal skin
    • Thick touch-points for precision cleaning
    • Wide touch-points on the backside to take on the fattier skin
    • No need for replaceable head brushes
    • 2 year manufacturer warranty
    • 10 year quality guarantee
    • 100% waterproof for use in bath or shower
    • 300 applications per full load

Cleaning your face
On the front of the Luna Mini 2 are three buttons. You start with the middle button, because the device goes on and off. With the +/- buttons next to the middle button, you can choose one of the 8 intensities. The most recent position of the device will be memorized by the device for the next use, which by the way is very convenient. Below here is a short tutorial about how to use the Luna Mini 2:

  1. First remove your make-up. Keep the Luna 2 under the faucet and pat your face. Put the cleanser on your face. As you can see on the photo, I’ve used the cleansing gel from Garnier. Super nice product by the way!
  2. After every 15 seconds it’ll be interrupted and you’ll move on to the new zone. First you start on your chin and cheeks. Do this by making circular motions. After this, clean your forehead by making circular motions and moving with your hands to the edges of your face. Then clean your nose by letting it slide from the top down. In the end you use the soft vibrations for below your eyes. After 1 minute you’re finished and a light turns on at the bottom of the device.
  3. Rinse and dry your face and then apply the desired skin care product on your face.

My experience
I think it’s an ideal product. It’s compact, economical, light, easy and fast. Especially the last thing is the nicest thing. In the evening I usually don’t have much energy anymore to clean my whole face, but with the Luna Mini 2, I’m finished in 1 minute. This does motivates me more. Also I find the 3 zone brush and the 8 intensities handy. This way you can determine functions on some surfaces. After cleaning my face felt so soft, even the next few days. The only thing is that you can’t immediately know which intensity you use. You basically do this by feeling, listening and counting it.

Would you use the Luna Mini 2?



    • Essere Moda
      01/23/2017 / 7:57 PM

      Yes it is 🙂 This product is so good! X

    • Essere Moda
      01/23/2017 / 7:59 PM

      No way! You should really try it. This product will not disappoint you! X

  1. 01/14/2017 / 4:50 PM

    I have one of these things but I haven’t used it yet! I’m super excited to try it out though 😀 Cool review!

    • Essere Moda
      01/23/2017 / 8:01 PM

      No way! If you have tried it you will use it daily 😉 X

  2. Maikel
    01/14/2017 / 6:16 PM

    Ive heard a lot about this gadget! I gotta try it out one day.

    • Essere Moda
      01/23/2017 / 8:01 PM

      You should Maikel. You will not be disappointed 🙂 X

  3. 01/14/2017 / 7:50 PM

    See this review makes me really wanna give this a go again. I really liked it when I got it but went off it really quickly because it felt like it wasn’t doing a lot. I might dig it up from the bottom of my drawer and give it another go:) x

    • Essere Moda
      01/23/2017 / 8:10 PM

      That’s a pity to hear Tereza. Have you tried different intensities and motions? X

    • Essere Moda
      01/23/2017 / 8:07 PM

      That’s so nice to hear! You will not be disappointed <3

  4. 01/15/2017 / 11:20 AM

    Well…no, I’m not familiar with the Luna Mini 2 from Foreo. Actually I haven’t heard about it till now. Thanks for sharing!

    • Essere Moda
      01/23/2017 / 8:05 PM

      Your welcome Perla! X

  5. 01/15/2017 / 6:49 PM

    Sounds cool! Thanks for sharing

    • Essere Moda
      01/23/2017 / 8:04 PM

      I’m glad you liked it. Your welcome 🙂 X

    • Essere Moda
      01/23/2017 / 8:04 PM

      You should really try it Sabra 🙂 X

    • Essere Moda
      01/23/2017 / 8:04 PM

      Ik kan niet meer zonder dit product haha <3

    • Essere Moda
      01/23/2017 / 8:03 PM

      I’m glad to hear Adeola! X

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