Carlton Beach Hotel

Have you ever been to Scheveningen? It’s named after a fishing village. Nowadays it’s a seaside town and a district of The Hague. Because of the special 60th birthday of my boyfriend’s stepmother, we had a wonderful stay in Scheveningen.

Carlton Beach Hotel
We stayed at the Carlton Beach hotel. It’s a 4 star hotel and it’s near the beach. Walking to the beach only takes within five minutes. This was so ideal, because the party was a few meters further on the beach.

It’s alive, it’s sparkling, the sea, the people. Create your own meeting point – Carlton Beach Hotel

Me and my boyfriend had a very beautiful room with a view of the sea, the waving dunes and the seagulls were dancing in the wind. Very romantic and at the same time very relaxing. I found the room decorated so beautifully and the colour gave me a warm feeling. The bathroom was pretty modern, but also very narrow. Also I found it a bit silly to see myself in the mirror when I was sitting on the toilet haha.

The party was outside at Patagonia Beach. We enjoyed the live music together with friends and family, the buffet, and particularly the booze. After the party I went with my boyfriend to New Yorker to have some pizza. It’s always tasty if you’ve drank something. After this we went to the Golfslag to have a drink. There they played really good R&B music. After the last Baileys with ice cubes and Mojito, we went to our hotel room. Time for a good night sleep.

The next day we had breakfast with the family and that was very cosy and delicious! There was a lot of everything, such as croissants, yogurt and waffles that you could make by yourself.

For the first time we stayed in this beautiful hotel, but we will definitely come back for a weekend away in Scheveningen.


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  1. 10/12/2016 / 5:59 PM

    We have never been in Scheveningen but you inspired us to go there the day we will visit this place 🙂

    • Essere Moda
      10/19/2016 / 7:09 PM

      You should visit Scheveningen. It’s a lovely place to stay 🙂

  2. 10/13/2016 / 7:33 AM

    I’ve been born close to Scheveningen. I used to go there all the time. Now only when I go back to visit family or friends. I haven’t stayed at the Carlton beach hotel yet. I’ll keep it in mind for the next time I visit Scheveningen. Because from your pictures and article it sounds great.

    • Essere Moda
      10/19/2016 / 7:11 PM

      That’s nice to hear. Carlton Beach Hotel is a very nice hotel and it’s near the boulevard which is great 🙂

  3. blair villanueva
    10/13/2016 / 1:51 PM

    A weekend with the BAE, and enjoying this view, almost perfect room, good food and music.. ahh couldn’t asked for more! Its romantic

    • Essere Moda
      10/19/2016 / 7:11 PM

      Yes it was. Thanks for passing by!

  4. 10/13/2016 / 3:08 PM

    I’ve never been before! The party soundsupplies like great fun and it looks amazing! Ree love30

    • Essere Moda
      10/19/2016 / 7:12 PM

      I had a great stay and I enjoyed a lot in Scheveningen. X

  5. 10/13/2016 / 4:35 PM

    I’ve never been here, but the place looks absolutely stunning! Great hotel choice.

    • Essere Moda
      10/19/2016 / 7:15 PM

      You should go when you are in Holland 🙂

  6. 10/14/2016 / 12:16 AM

    I have definately been to Scheveningen. I live in California now, but was born and raised in Rotterdam, Holland. The beach was our stomping ground during summer. Love the little stores along the boardwalk where you can enjoy the ocean. Thanks for this post. Missing home…Can’t wait to go back in January to visit.

    • Essere Moda
      10/19/2016 / 7:19 PM

      That’s so nice to hear. I love Rotterdam! It’s a nice city where you can shop very good. Yes, the stores are so cute along the boardwalk. The pier is open again and has now expanded. Enjoy your stay in January 🙂 X

  7. 10/14/2016 / 11:13 AM

    this place looks amazing. gosh, i feel like having just a night rest there.

    • Essere Moda
      10/19/2016 / 7:19 PM

      It is 🙂 Thanks for passing by. X

  8. 10/14/2016 / 1:09 PM

    I haven’t really visited the place before and haven’t had an idea that there is so much beauty there. Your pictures have given me real travel goals. 🙂

    • Essere Moda
      10/19/2016 / 7:19 PM

      Thanks babe! X

  9. 10/14/2016 / 1:39 PM

    That seems to be one grand hotel.
    I liked the great interiors! I am wondering if I would ever step out of this. 🙂

    • Essere Moda
      10/19/2016 / 7:20 PM

      haha I found it difficult to leave the room 😛

  10. 10/14/2016 / 3:24 PM

    The place is stunning ! Really wish to be the guest of this Hotel soon.

    • Essere Moda
      10/19/2016 / 7:21 PM

      Thank you Damiansz!

    • Essere Moda
      10/19/2016 / 7:22 PM

      It is Jasmine. X

  11. 10/14/2016 / 7:57 PM

    Never been there, but I def will! Looks like heaven and it conveys a sense of both tranquility and beauty. Love the pictures, really good shots and perspectives 🙂

    • Essere Moda
      10/19/2016 / 7:22 PM

      That’s so sweet of you. Thank you somuch Iris. X

  12. 10/16/2016 / 2:45 PM

    I haven’t been to Scheveningen; and honestly, I haven’t heard of it before as well. But staying in a 4-star hotel seems awesome, especially when you are staying near the beach. Good hotels near the beaches usually have the best beach view! Plus, the hotel’s interior looks really classy as well. By the way, I love the curls of your hair!

    xoxo, G

    • Essere Moda
      10/19/2016 / 7:23 PM

      It was a lovely stay and I enjoyed a lot in Scheveningen. Thank you for your compliment 🙂 X

  13. 10/17/2016 / 5:05 PM

    We had a fabulous 2 nights staying here in August. We booked a family room, to sleep 5. As it was only a 4 bed room we requested an additional fold out bed for our youngest, which was no problem. The accommodation was very clean and spacious for the 5 of us, with 1 large bedroom, a small bunk bed…

    • Essere Moda
      10/19/2016 / 7:29 PM

      I’m glad to hear that their service was good. You haven’t finished your last sentence, but I hope you enjoyed your stay in Scheveningen. X

  14. Борка Шаула
    10/20/2016 / 4:37 PM

    I love it! This place look so charming! The Carlton Beach hotel looks pretty good to me, would love to spend a weekend there! Oh, and I hope she had a nice bday!

  15. 12/29/2017 / 7:21 AM

    Wow! It’s a lovely place to stay. I hope you enjoyed your stay in Scheveningen.

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