Bye Holland and hellooo Tenerife


Tomorrow is the big day. Me and my boyfriend are going on a holiday YIEHAAA. We are going to Tenerife. It’s the largest island of the Canary islands that belongs to Spain and is located in the Atlantic. The holiday is booked through the agency Arke. We are staying at the Soll Tenerife hotel including breakfast. It has three swimmingpools, so we are definity going to lie at the pool every day 🙂

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This afternoon I went to the city in Den Bosch to buy some toilet bag. In the end I’ve bought one white topcrop, pink earrings and a shirt for my boyfriend, but no toilet bag. Do you also recognize this? Lucky, i can put my stuff in the toilet bag of my friend, very handy. Anyway, It’s now time to pack my suitcase.

Yes finally I’m finished. I did it about an hour, not bad right? Now I am working on my blog with a face (peel off) mask from Montagne Jeunesse. Another 20 minutes to go and then it’s time to go to bed. Tomorrow it´s gonna be a busy day. First we are going to visit Jeffrey´s father because it´s his birthday and then we go to the airport by train.

Well I just keep writing during my vacation, so stay tuned.


Essere Moda



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