Bad #1

Are you looking for some nice must-haves of this trend? Well you will be at the right place at Musthave District. The shop recently opened in Den Bosch and it’s definitely worth a visit! They sell clothing, accessories, shoes and much more. The collection consists of a unique combination of brands that stand for individuality, cool, stubborn and stylish. Altogether, you can already get the fashionable must-haves against affordable rates. Does it sound like music to your ears?

So during my visit I found a cool shirt that looks exactly like a shirt of Beyonce. You can create different outfits with this shirt. I really love it! Even my boyfriend likes it. For wearing this shirt, I have chosen for a sportier elegant look. The sunglasses, also from Musthave District, really rock my outfit.

Do I already look bad #1?
Let me know what you think of the look!


Sandra Espina

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