Bad #1

Are you looking for some nice must-haves of this trend? Well you will be at the right place at Musthave District. The shop recently opened in Den Bosch and it’s definitely worth a visit! They sell clothing, accessories, shoes and much more. The collection consists of a unique combination of brands that stand for individuality, cool, stubborn and stylish.

All dressed up

Unfortunately, we didn’t have a nice summer up until now and we only had to deal with rain. I even had the feeling that I was disoriented concerning the seasons, since it seemed like if we have skipped the summer and just moved from spring to autumn. During the days where we get nice weather, I enjoy it of course to the fullest and I just want to be outside.

My first time eating crocodile …

Did you ever hear about a restaurant called Shaka Zulu? Well, it’s the biggest South-African restaurant in London. You can find this restaurant in Camden-town, which is in the Camden district. From Camden Town metro station, it’s about a 5 minute walk to Shaka Zulu.
The restaurant has two floors consisting of a restaurant, bar and club at which you can eat, drink, dance whilst enjoying live music and during the day you can enjoy great family-entertainment.

Class Elegance Style

While writing this article I’m playing the new song Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake. What a lovely summery song! While I’m typing on the couch, my body happily swings to the beat of the song. Like Justin sings in his song: “I can’t stop the feeling. So just dance, dance, dance”. PUMP that beat!

Now that we’re talking about summer…

8 ways to curl your hair

Do you like me, want to have beautiful curls that also remain long? Today is your lucky day, because in this article I am writing a review about a curler from Irresistible Me. The curler I’m talking about is not an ordinary curler. No, no, no, because with this curling iron, you can directly create eight different curls with it. Is that not great? I mean who would not want it. Every day a different hair style WOWEE!

Barcelona day 2

I tried to post this article last week, but I’ve been kind of busy lately. This time a short story. Where was I…Oh yeah! On the second day we went to the incredibly spectacular Boqueria market on Las Ramblas. It’s the biggest food market of Spain and one of the largest markets in the world. The wide range of fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and cheese is spanned by a beautiful 19th-century cast-iron canopy. The entrance is free and once you’re inside you don’t know where to start.

Barcelona day 1

After counting down we finally caught the flight to Barcelona yesterday. We went with the airline Transavia. Unfortunately, they had accumulated a delay of 30 minutes. Can happen, right? The flight took about 2 hours from Eindhoven airport. When we arrived the adventure began. Us and three other people waited like 45 minutes for our luggage at the baggage claim. It was so bad organized.

Unboxing the beauty box of …

Last month I’ve ordered my very first beauty box bij Styletone. They collect 5 must haves and must tries beauty products each month. You can’t get these products at drugstores, but that makes it just more fun right?! They offer four different kind of subscriptions: €12.50 per month, €35.00 for three months, €68,75 for six months and €137,50 for twelve months.