DIY clutch – Ecco Leather Factory …

Last Thursday I participated a nice leather workshop at Factory Petit in Amsterdam that was organized by Ecco shoes. Through their subsidiary Ecco Leather is Factory Petit one of their nomadic events that is happening the whole year. It’s a concept by which a depository temporarily transformed to an alive, stunning leather workshop.

Klein Curaçao, an adventurous …

The trip in Curaçao took us to an uninhabited island called ‘Klein Curaçao’. By the way, if you missed my previous article, then you can click on this link: Palm trees, beaches and the sun in Curaçao. Anyway, we’ve booked a complete inclusive day trip to Klein Curaçao. At half past 7 the bus was in front of our hotel to take us to the quay of the Fisherman’s Pier. From ‘Spanish Water’ we’ve sailed a boat for 1,5 hours and that was very heavy, because we were sitting on top of the boat, we’ve felt the boat shaking heavily which caused us seasickness.

Palm trees, beaches and the …

This year I went with my boyfriend to Curaçao for the first time. There we went with the Dreamliner of the leisure travel group Tui of Schiphol Airport to Curaçao International Airport. After a 9 hours and 45 minute flight the team of Tui was ready to welcome us so we could get on the bus that brought us to our hotel.

These masks and gel eye …

Are you also in fond of the sun, sea and beach holidays? Anyway, a vacation where you’re doing nothing and just enjoy the culture, the weather, the food and so on. Me and my boyfriend went to Curaçao last Saturday for 9 days. Of course, I will tell you more about this in a particular article.

Wait for me, Paris!

Paris is the city of love, fashion and lights. I was in Paris again this summer, but this time with a different goal, namely for a street style photoshoot. However it went a bit different than I had planned. Let me tell you what happened from the beginning. When I arrived in Paris, I walked around with my cabin trolley. I had enough energy and was totally ready to shoot


How I wear a button-front …

How are you enjoying summer so far? I must say that the time went very fast, but I see that as something positive. You know what they say: ‘’Time flies when you’re having fun’. However, summer is here and before you know it autumn is here. Before we go into the autumn I really enjoy this summer outfit.

Bad #1

Are you looking for some nice must-haves of this trend? Well you will be at the right place at Musthave District. The shop recently opened in Den Bosch and it’s definitely worth a visit! They sell clothing, accessories, shoes and much more. The collection consists of a unique combination of brands that stand for individuality, cool, stubborn and stylish.

All dressed up

Unfortunately, we didn’t have a nice summer up until now and we only had to deal with rain. I even had the feeling that I was disoriented concerning the seasons, since it seemed like if we have skipped the summer and just moved from spring to autumn. During the days where we get nice weather, I enjoy it of course to the fullest and I just want to be outside.