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Unfortunately, we didn’t have a nice summer up until now and we only had to deal with rain. I even had the feeling that I was disoriented concerning the seasons, since it seemed like if we have skipped the summer and just moved from spring to autumn.

During the days where we get nice weather, I enjoy it of course to the fullest and I just want to be outside. Due to the varying weather in the Netherlands, I am standing in front of my closet a day before or on the day itself to think about what I should to wear. Sometimes I don’t even know and then I throw clothes on the floor or on the bed with the result that the clothes in my closet are laying piled up. Then you come across A MOUNTAIN OF CLOTHES that lays messed up HEEEELP! Every couple of months I have to fold the clothes again of course and stack them neatly in my closet. Do you recognise yourself right now?

During my search in my closet, I occasionally find a garment that I didn’t wear for a year already, for example. That’s how I found the dress with a slash of the French brand Sixth June. Time to wear it again, since the sun shined and it was lovely outside. I have bought the dress in a shop in Germany, of which I don’t know the name anymore. I have combined it with black high heels from Nelly and a glamorous gold metallic bag from Zara. The bag makes the outfit cool, so that the darker colours don’t dominate that much. And in order to finish the outfit completely, I have chosen black sunglasses that I have bought in a shop in Jakarta.

I did my hair with the curler from Irresistible Me and called “Sapphire 8 in One”. It consists of a case in which sits a sleeve and 8 different attachments. I did a product review about it. Just read my article 8 ways to curl your hair to found out why it is a must have :).

Do you also occasionally find clothes that you didn’t wear for a while?



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  1. 09/26/2016 / 4:22 PM

    This dress… It is a synonym and for perfection. I love it, if only I had the body of yours I would wear something like that. Like all the time!
    Tina von S |

    • Essere Moda
      09/27/2016 / 8:52 PM

      That’s so sweet of you. Thank you somuch 🙂

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